Cartoonist Brian West aka Brian Luff

Brian West cartoonist Mollusc

Cartoonist Brian West (aka Brian Luff) left ITV in 1982 to set up a cartoon studio in Islington. He now runs Think Funny with his partner Georgina Sowerby.

Often using the pen name “Mollusc”, cartoonist Brian West ran a cartoon gallery and studio called The Cartoon Factory from 1983 to 1990. He then went back into television as an on-air promotions producer and director for the BBC, before becoming a full time comedy writer and indie producer for Channel 4. West has since worked as a promo director for Red Bee Media and Channel 5, and as Head of Digital Content for two global television networks. He now lectures on comedy writing and is an award-winning digital content producer, with a small indie 2D animation studio in North London called Studio Senseless

Brian’s cartoon films have been selected for screening at film festivals all over the world including Rome, Milan, Stockholm, Liverpool and Bahrain. 5 awards in 2023 including Best Animated Short and Best Editing.

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