Writing, Performing and Selling Comedy

Writing, Performing and Selling Comedy

Tips, Tools & Tactics for Comedy Writers & Performers

Think Funny’s new book by Brian Luff contains numerous tips and tools for writing sketches, one-liners and sitcom scripts, as well as invaluable insights into scripting and performing stand-up and directing sketch comedy. Based on over 30 years in the entertainment industry – including working as editor of the BBC comedy web site – Brian also passes on a wealth of tactics and strategies for getting your comedy material in front of an audience and onto the desks of the right people in the industry. Brian has been lecturing on comedy writing since 2002 and is probably best known for creating the comedy series Pets for Channel 4. Paperback. 278 pages.


“Excellent book, recommended for all comedy writers and performers – from sketches and sitcom to stand up and more!” TWISTED MIRROR TV